Saturday, January 10, 2009

I was going to call it Orlando...

I even had a picture I planned to use in the post and I'd made a special label:My very first made it all by myself jam/ marmalade. Using my new pot. I was so excited!

But you know how they say a watched pot never boils?

It may not boil but in might start smelling a bit nasty. Which causes you to make a trip to the kitchen from where you were monetarily distacted. Where you find this:I rang the Jam Making Emergency Hotline (which, oddly enough, is the same number as The Knitting Emergency Hotline) and was told that burnt jam was pretty much irretrievable. But to bottle it anyway and test it once I got home from Bendigo and see how it tasted before deciding if it needs to be thrown out or not.

So now I'm thinking up some creative renaming:

Gentleman's Smoky Marmalade"
"Caramel Citrus Marmalade"
"Strong and Smoky"

And wondering if dumping some whisk(e)y in would help things out. Not that I have any...


Michelle said...

Oh bugger! Hope it can be saved. Whiskey or Brandy might well do the trick.

Helen said...

I am sure it can be saved if only you think outside the box. - barbeque sauce, definitely a dash or six of whiskey. New base for a curry sauce. Have fun be-in dig oh.

Bron said...

oooh no!!!!
But i do love the label!

Anonymous said...

Bummer about the burning. When you make a new batch you'll have a terrific label ready to go. I love it.