Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Bendigo or Bust Road Trip (Day One)

A post mainly in photos.

We met this chap hanging around in Holbrook, our first stop. (If you'd like to see more photos of the submarine, check out the post from my visit last May.)
Is it terribly wrong to chose your cafes based on their colour schemes?I resisted the siren call of this tea towelmainly because it cost $19.95 and I've already bought 3 (much cheaper) black and white tea towels in the past week (on top of the ones I got for Christmas...)

After a quick stop at
Albury to fill up we drove on to Wangaratta where it was time for lunch.

Is it terribly wrong to chose your cafes based on their colour schemes?Scribblers in Wangaratta not only has the perfect colour scheme (although I did have to swap my original red chair for a black one, much to
Happy Spider's amusement) but is also just across the road from Sackville & Lane (purveyors of fine wool, unfortunately closed on Sundays) and a few doors along from the intriguing looking Lost Sock Office (also closed on Sundays. And, it would seen, Tuesdays. Not that we could find out as there were no opening hours listed on the door...)Anyway, well fed and much refreshed, we headed onward to Bendigo. We were early for the arranged check in time so drove into town for a looksee and stopped for a wander round the fabulous park next to the Information Centre:Is it terribly wrong to chose your accommodation based on name and proximity to woolen mill factory outlets?The Fleece Inn is a great budget choice (we paid $33 each for a twin single room including breakfast and picked up dinner from the Coles supermarket not more than 3 blocks away to eat in the garden while tormenting their dog...) with thoughtful details. Day one ended with some late night knitting next to an open window, hoping to catch the whiff of the wool fibres drifting from across the railway tracks...

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