Saturday, January 10, 2009

Step by step

Sometimes I can be so slack.

For instance: I took these photos of the Kids' Corner activity CMAG had set up way back in mid October. And the time was never quite right to blog them. I think I planned to go back one day and make a Room with a view and blog the whole process...

Room with a View

Step 1 - Select a large strip of paper and fold it along the three marked lines to create your 'room'Step 2 - Choose a window template, place it over the front of your room and race around the inside of the window shape.Step 3 - Use the scissors to cut out your windows.

Step 4 - Select your chosen wallpaper and use the materials provided to collage your room interior straight onto your wallpaper.Step 5 - Place your 'room' collage inside your room. Use paper clips to attach it to the back wall.Some very cool examples made by Canberra Museum and Gallery staff are on display for inspiration:It's fun for all ages! Here's Miss R hard at work on her creation:(Master S would prefer to draw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and dream of turtle houses rather than dolls' houses!)And, a bit later, some random strangers (tourists, I suspect) were hard at work on their versions...When we finally got into the exhibition I could see Master S was mesmerised ("Turtle bed here, turtle control central over there...")As was Miss R, for different reasons.And speaking of hard at work...Miss R: "Mummy can I please please please have one of these?"TSS: "Well it just so happens that I have a fully furnished display house for sale that I haven't quite got round to listing on eBay which you're welcome to have a look at..."Miss R: "Love you best of all, Mummy" (or something similar...)

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