Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Class four: Volume, line and plane

Tonight at school we played a game to (hopefully) learn the design elements and principles of organisation. It was fun. There was shouting and gleefulness and secret hand symbols under the table and once I realised I could use the pedantic grammar drummed into my by the sisters at Villa Maria and the skills I picked up when I momentarily studies linguistics at varsity (uni) it all fell into place for me.

Although the poor teacher seemed a bit shocked when I said "so the visual and physical attributes of form are just adjectives, and the design principles of organisation are adverbs, right?"

The exercise tonight was to sketch three ideas for sculptures based on three combinations of form generators, make one of them in real life then do an observational drawing of the sculpture with coloured textas. If I was being marked on meeting the requirements of the design brief I'd get a big fat US (the criterion has not been satisfied).

Does this look like three descriptive and speculative drawings to you?My only excuse is that we were talked through the assignment before coffee break and I didn't re read the brief when we returned. And I had so many ideas that I just kept drawing. Tomorrow I'll show you the next way I failed to stick to the brief. Pah!

Thanks for your feedback on the art bag. Based on your input, may I present Art Bag 2.0?I've been asked if I can create a version (of 1.0) that can be used while riding a push bike. At first I thought I could create a backpack version but I'm worried that it would end up like this...

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