Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Op Shop Lovers' Day!

And what better was to mark the day but with the opening of the new Woden Salvos super store? Some people were peachy-keen to be the first through the doors*and the queue was well formed by ten to nine.There were speeches, of course (Jo, The Woden Manager, looked fit to burst with happiness and pride the whole way through. And rightly so too. I hear she put in very long hours getting the shop ready for opening and it looked great)
We knew it was going to be big but there's big and then there's massive. This was definitely in the later category...They'd obviously been keeping aside some nice stuff for the last little while. The range was excellent and in very good order.We found some treasuresas did everyone else, by the looks of the length of the queue...(*There's about a 100% chance this photo just might have been staged...)

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JustJess said...

Wasn't it fun?! Of the hour we were there, 20 mins was in the queue, but well worth it. Lovely store and great stock. Miss Jo did look fit to burst didn't she?! Thanks also for the Skipping Girl Bag - LOVE it. Great to see yourself, Taph, The Old Flame, Consumption Rebellion, Red Instead, and another Canberra blogger whose name escapes me...