Sunday, February 15, 2009

One thing leads to another...

It's a sleepy, overcast, drizzly Sunday. My favourite sort. Add the fact that I don't need to be anywhere until 2pm and I'm a happy chappess.

I decided to spend some time moving the final four dolls houses off the lounge floor and back to the sideboard upstairs where they're supposed to live. Except the top of the sideboard has somehow become covered in stuff in the time the houses were gone.

So I started clearing it off. The first thing to deal with was a stack of books that I'd dumped there because I didn't have time to make space for them on the shelves next to the sideboard, where they're going to live.

Then I noticed that the shelf had collapsed. Which meant I pulled all the (rather heavy books) off the shelf and stacked them on the floor. I fixed the shelf. I started putting the books back. The shelf collapsed again.

So I stopped to ponder. And thought I could shift the last of the damaged Lundby stock out of my office, into The Room of Shame, and onto the broken shelf since it was all very light. And move my design books into the office where I could see them and get to them more easily.


Except, as I moved the books, I realised the collection had grown somewhat in the ten years I've been here and I just keep adding books to where similar books are without thinking about what I'm doing. And I can't quite remember the logic behind my arrangement (although I vaguely recall it was based on the fact my mini mags were on the shelf directly above, so interior design and architecture books came first.)
And it slowly dawned on me. I think it might be time to start adding Dewey numbers to the spines. Crap.

(Oh yeah: there are still four dolls houses sitting on the lounge floor
in case you're wondering...)


Just Bels said...

thats when you know things are seriously getting bad... :)
if you made it public your collection of books could start earning library fees.

Taphophile said...

Resist home classification at all costs - that way madness lies.