Thursday, February 05, 2009

Speaking of Greg Johnson

I got an email from him this morning (don't panic: so did many other people...) offering:

"A Personalized Greg Johnson Song for Your Valentine!

Sick of giving roses, chocolates, and the usual Valentines Day cliche's*?
How about a Personalised Song recorded especially for your Wife, Lover, Girlfriend,Child, Pet Pig, lawyer or Mother-in-law? Send a brief biography about your loved one to:

You will receive
* An Mp3 by email before Feb 14th
* A CD copy by snail mail
* Kudos and probably much more from your better half

Pricing:New Zealand customers NZD $250.00
USA and Elsewhere USD $200.00"

The site says it's:

"A First - In what is one of the first offers of it's kind by an established recording artist, Greg has initiated an affordable and unique way of personalizing his songwriting talents direct to his fans! For the week of Feb 3-10th subscribers and fans can have a personalized Valentines Day tune recorded and delivered.

Says Greg "It struck me with technology as it stands there's no reason why I shouldn't have more direct contact with those that like my music, and this seems like the way of the future.. I intend to add more of these designer services to the company in the near future"

For the pretty version of the announcement click here

I'm so very tempted to pony up the money and order one for myself...

(To the tune of Looking out on Monday)

"The Shopping Sherpa, you're so fine
Always drinking cheap cask wine
You played me on the radio
The other DJs didn't know
The 1980s, they were good for me
But not as good as LA can be
I'm a married man, you can forget me now
And Australia didn't work out somehow..."


1 comment :

m1k1 said...

* Perhaps they were just trying to put an accent over the e?
However given the "offers of it's kind" maybe I'm being a little over generous.

Further to the other day, one other thing that really annoys me is the inability of people to use "an" instead of "a" before words beginning with a vowel. Don't they read what they have written?''

p.s. Sorry, but I've never heard of Greg Johnson.