Saturday, February 07, 2009

Plum tuckered out

We got the call last week that the plums and apples were ready. (I think I forgot to mention that the owners of the apricot tree also had two plum trees, an apple tree and two fig trees they were happy for us to pick)So last night we converged and prepared ourselves to spend one of the hottest weekends of the summer locked inside steaming kitchens making jams and chutneys and sauces. *sigh*

But when we arrived we discovered two things that made us very happy:

1. There weren't as many plums as we'd thought. In fact, we could probably deal with them by distributing them for eating.

2. The apples aren't quite ready yet. Eta is now two weeks away giving us a breathing space before we have to deal with them.I don't know about everyone else who was there but I'm pretty happy to have an unexpectedly cleared weekend. Especially as it means I escape hovering over a steaming jam pot in 40 degree heat. Maybe I can catch up on some sleep instead...

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Kewpie said...

Gorgeous green apple photo... they are going to be luscious.
Thank you so much for the apron, I received it today in the post, I adore the little mini extras you added in too... I will post a photo on my blog when my good camera gets back :)