Saturday, January 23, 2010


By this time in January, 2010 seems to be grinding into gear. Some interesting opportunities have been rearing their heads causing some pondering at Chateau TSS.

Pondering #1: Why did I agree to have a journalist and photographer from The Canberra Times visit on Australia Day to photograph my house for their Sunday Relax magazine insert? This means I get to spend my day off tomorrow reprising the magic that was wrought for The Collectors last year rather than vegging out and finding the mental space to sort out how to match the changes I made to the back of my V neck vest so the front bit works properly.

Speaking of which...

Pondering #2: When exactly are The Collectors planning to show my segment? If I make other plans this year will that be when they want me to fly to Tasmania? Is it rude to email and ask? And where can I find a (free) venue with a large screen TV that I can arrange a gathering at for the official viewing?

Pondering #3: Should I take over stewardship of the Dolls Houses Past and Present website and ezine? And if I do, how much change can I make before members start beating me up?

Pondering #4: Why did I spend $800 (plus $100 for a portfolio didn't use) that I didn't have on a course I didn't finish when it could have been used on any number of other courses popping up at the moment? (OK, don't answer that one...)

Pondering #5: Where the hell is my cupcake recipe, my brayer and my stringybark fabric?!

(*Did anyone else start humming a song by The Fixx when they read that?)