Sunday, January 24, 2010


Well, most of the house is* (we'll ignore the Room of Shame for now, shall we? There's always tomorrow, after all...)
My office was looking particularly empty and organised(Note the use of the past tense: I decided the only thing to do was start a new project with all that lovely space.)I've started building a cardboard mock-up of the Crucible spaces at Craft ACT so I can get a feeling for how to best use them for the mini craft gallery I'm building for the Call of the Small exhibition.

But I ran out of card after creating the back wall. A bad bad sign.
Wendy has popped upstairs from The Kaleidoscope House to help me train my 1/12th scale eye in the space. Which is much bigger than I had imagined: I'm a little freaked out right now as to the enormity of what I've set myself up for.Good thing I have almost 6 months before the real thing has to be finished...

(*And I'm happy to report I found not one but two cupcake recipes and my brayer!)

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