Monday, January 25, 2010

I have a date (sort of). And am simultaneously dumped.

News from The Collectors: they've tentatively scheduled the dolls houses for 4th April. And have decided they don't want me to sit on The Big Red Couch. So I guess that means there's not an op shopping junket to Tasmania in my future after all :-(

Actually, if that does turn out to be the final airing date it works out rather well, as that's Easter Sunday. And I've already promised that weekend to the Community Arts team at The National Folk Festival. In fact there's a rather good chance I might have to get someone to record the segment for me* to watch later, especially as I've just noticed Eddi Reader is returning to The Festival and will surely be playing Sunday night...

(*Oh hell, I'll just vodcast my segment to my ipod in true 21st century style!)

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Rebecca said...

That's very disappointing :-( Not just because of no op-shopping for you, but we miss out on seeing you talk with the team about dolls houses! I don't know how they decide what makes it live on the show, and they don't always have someone in every episode, but still, I'm very disappointed that they don't value you and the dolls houses enough!