Thursday, December 21, 2017

You are my sunshine...

Well then. This is an unexpected pleasure...
One-twelfth scale miniature fish and chips for two, served in newspaper with glasses of red wine on a clear circular table.
Let me explain. I was feeling virtuous this morning as I cleared away a scene less than 24 hours after I'd finished it (this being-on-holiday-and-it-not-being-stinking-hot thing is wonderful!)

Faced with an empty room my thoughts turned to that idea of accommodation focusing on the surge of same-sex honeymoons in the offing around here. So I pulled the bed I planned to use out of stash and suddenly (as my brain is wont to do) was heading down a slightly different rabbit hole.

Because the bedding on it looked so nice against the grey rug that was still on the floor from yesterday's build. And speaking of grey, I'd been wanting to use some pages I'd put aside from a book on Annie Trevillian's art (before you start feeling horrified, she was selling the books for $1 each at her open studio so I bought three: one to read and two to chop up). So I dug them out and blu-tacked them to the wall as a test: the fact that the book was square and so the pieces didn't reach the full height of the wall wasn't a problem as I could hide the fact behind the kitchen units...
Mock-up of a one-twelfth scale modern miniature motel room with a kitchenette at the front with a round table and chair. At the back of the room is a bed and bedside table.
And I knew that under the carpet at the front of the room was the 'wooden' flooring I'd originally installed when this was the floor of the Seaside Shack dining room and lean-to: which would suit a kitchenette perfectly.

So I pulled out my standard kitchen, added a few bits of furniture that might work, took a deep breath and reminded myself that I have a good, full-time, on-going job so can afford to replace the pinwale if cutting it was a dumb idea. And cut it. (An excellent idea, as it turns out). And took a photo to test my theory.

On the other side of the room I added the yellow egg chair I accidentally bought from Victorian Dollhouses when I went in to buy picture framing last weekend. It fits the collection development policy, and James had it at a good price (and there were no postage costs). Colour-wise, it's a perfect match.

And then I happened to spot a sheet of stickers I'd picked up at the Kaisercraft factory outlet, one of which fitted perfectly across the back wall (aren't I clever, sticking with a smaller room?)

Another test photo, and I was off...
Mock-up of a one-twelfth scale modern miniature motel room with a round table and chair in the front. At the back of the room is a bed, a yellow egg chair and a sideboard under a window,
In the final build, the kitchen remains pretty much the same, except for some added accessories (because what's holiday accommodation without a Nespresso machine and a box of goon?)
One-twelfth scale modern kitchenette with cupboard, sink, fridge and microwave. On the microwave is a Newspresso coffee machine and a cask of red wine.
I spray-painted the chair pads on the tulip chairs to match the colour scheme, and swapped out the original table with one that suits the feel of the place better.
One-twelfth scale modern miniature motel room with a kitchenette at the front with a round table set for fish and chips and red wine. At the back of the room is a bed and bedside table.
Oh: and I cut a piece of cardstock to cover that pesky black panel left over from when the wall was part of the Buzz Bar cafĂ©, and added reading lights above the bed (very important, that...) 
One-twelfth scale modern miniature bed with yellow and white spotty bedding. On the bedside table next to the bed is a Kindle, a glass of water and a pair of sunglasses. Above the bed are two reading lights.
On the other side of the room, I replaced the place-holder sideboard with a Europa piece I bought in a bulk lot in 2014 and hadn't touched since. I painted the doors after much inner turmoil, deciding that the outside had already been overpainted and so the piece was better off having its doors painted too and becoming a useful piece, rather than remaining in its half-painted purgatory.
One-twelfth scale modern miniature bedroom corner witha  yellow egg chair and a sideboard under a window. On the sideboard are a lamp, a speaker and a potted plant.
Since we're at the beach, and most people enjoy going there, I added a hawaiian shirt, cap, and a basket containing a towel, water and a book: the people renting the place are obviously planning on going there after lunch (but not too soon after lunch, I hope...)
One-twelfth scale modern miniature bedroom in yellow, white and grey. On the bed is a hawaiian and baseball cap. On the floor in front is a pair of sneakers and a cane basket containing a towel, book and bottle of water.
But if the weather turns, there are a few things to keep the guests entertained:
One-twelfth scale modern miniature cube bookcase next to open french doors overlooking a beach. On the shelves is a stereo system, a vase, a pile of magazines, a cushion and a game. Leaning against it is a fishing rod.
So there we have it. One room. Two ways. In two days.
One-twelfth scale modern miniature motel room in white, grey and yellow overlooking the beach through open french doors.
One-twelfth scale modern miniature motel room in white, grey and yellow.
I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


m1k1 said...

Thank you. I am enjoying the fun of the holiday without any of that pesky packing or travelling, and looking forward to more stress-free destinations.
I send solstice greetings to you - in advance, as that will actually be 3:28am AEST tomorrow and you may not be awake then.

AMCSviatko said...

Thank you m1k1, although I'm not sure how many more scenes I'll get done before the end of the challenge/ the year/ the break... :-(