Thursday, May 02, 2024

The universe has spoken, and progress has been made

Little did I realise when I was blogging yesterday evening about how I was tossing up if I should try to go to the Sydney show this weekend and possibly sneak up to Hornsby to visit Daiso, that Daiso had just posted this on their Facebook feed:
Screenshot of a Facebook post announcing the Daiso is opening in Canberra in June 2024.
Well blow me down!

Although I've been wishing and hoping for it for many years, I never expected it to actually happen: and the fact that it's the nearest mall to me is just icing on the (early birthday) cake!

But back to the here and now.

Today I was mindful of the light issue, and made sure to set most of my lunch break aside to do something for today's post.

I pulled the dark academia build out of the corner of the worktable where it's been gathering dust since mid March, and as I did so spotted the fabrics I'd bought at the Canberra show that same month.
One-twelfth scale dark academia study scene in a state of disarray.

Which got me thinking: perhaps the issue was I'd been testing the build with plain black walls, which isn't what I intended the end result to be.

So I clipped one of the pieces of fabric up to the wall and took a test shot.
One-tweltfh scale modern miniature dark academia study with a piece of patterned fabric clipped to the wall behind a writing desk and chair
Which was interesting enough that I dived into my scrapbooking paper stash and ferreted around for some other likely options:
One-twelfth scale modern miniature study with various wallpaper options clipped behind a chest of drawers and Eames armchair.
(which, thanks to the crap light in my studio* even in the middle of the day aren't reading quite right: the left 2 are black and the other 3 are more antique gold than yellow).

By this time it was time to log back on for the afternoon, so I left them clipped up so I can wander past and ponder, then start to weed the options.

Although perhaps that process should also be informed by how much of each pattern I have available...

*Or maybe I need to have a stern talk to my phone and see if I can convince it to take better pictures?

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