Sunday, February 11, 2024

Sunday fun day: getting it done day

 Yesterday's very odd mood to sort stash continued into today, and so I went with it (because I'm rather enjoying getting back to a state where I know where everything is and can grab it quickly if I decide I need to use it?)

But rather than the fabric stash, I decided it was time to do a deep clean and sort of the drawers that contain my flooring, wall coverings that are too big to fit in the scrapbooking paper boxes, and miscellaneous pieces of 'useful' cardboard, paper and plastic.

Which aren't quite so useful when the latter are more like a geological stratum that a logically-organised and useful collection.

So I opened the first drawer and dumped the contents out onto my until-recently-clear-again desk, and had a moment of consternation as I realised that this whole approach could go very very wrong and close the studio for an extended period, but I took a deep breath and started sorting, thinking while I did so: what was the important property I needed to sort by? Colour? Size? Use?

Studio corner with the desk piled high with bits of paper and cardboard, plus piles on the desk chair. In the cupboard behind the chair is a chest of IKEA drawers with one drawer open and empty.
In the end I settled on a mixture, and have finished the day with the drawers looking much better:
Overhead view of a set of drawers, with each drawers opened so you can see piles of neatly-organised paper, cardboard and plastic pieces.
(If you're interested:

The top drawer (closed) is floor and wall coverings that I haven't used yet and are too big to fit in my scrapbook-paper boxes.

Second drawer is various sheets of plastic, ranging from placemats to overhead projector sheets (that I use for 'glass' in picture frames and, sometimes, fake windows) and other interesting bits I've picked up.

Followed by 'interesting' bits of paper and card (mainly die cut at this point for the 'interesting' and sparkly or shiny for the card).

Fourth drawer has paper: bags to the left (I mainly use these for backing framed pictures) and other bits of paper to the right (like a stack of black that I was donated some years ago: these may end up in a scrapbooking box, depending on how much space I end up with leftover in those, especially as think cardstock will end up here once I've sorted it further).

The fifth drawer has thick cardboard to the left, and mattboard and foamcore offcuts I picked up cheaply from the local framing store a couple of years ago, and have been living down the side of the work table ever since, to the right.

Finally, the bottom drawer is the same as the top drawer, but contains pieces the I have used).

I also have a very full recycling bin. Again.


Anonymous said...

Your deep clean is very inspiring! Makes me want to pull out some drawers and see what's in them :)

AMCSviatko said...

Thank you, and you should! Watching The gentle art of Swedish death cleaning has changed my approach completely and I highly recommend watching it if you haven't already :-)