Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sunday shopping and sewing

Today I took Miss Daisy out for her weekly big drive (so her battery stays alive), feeling very fortunate that I have a dolls' house shop just the right distance away and the perfect excuse to visit.
Flat lay of a selection of lengths of miniature picture framing, a hobby saw and mitre box and a collection of small pictures with hearts in them with a stack of one-twelfth scale frames.
I'm planning a framing frenzy tomorrow.

I also cut out and sewed up a new batch of cushions ready for Sunday crafternoon.
Retro cheater fabric in green, white and blue with a square template and pen on top of it, and scissors and cut out squares of fabric next to it.
 Which I duly turned while we drank iced coffees and chatted at a new-to-us local cafe.
Table in a cafe with two glasses of iced coffee and a bottle of water on it. Next to the drinks is a pile of miniature cushions, worng-side out, two pairs of tweezers, a length of white fabric and a quik-unpikc.
(Guess where this lot will probably end up...) 
Table in a cafe with an almost-finished glass of iced coffee and a pile of miniature cushions waiting for stuffing. In the foreground is a pair of tweezers.

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