Friday, December 22, 2017

Let's get down to it boppers

I knew from the moment I decided to do another Daily Dolls House December challenge this year that one of the things I'd like to achieve is finishing at least one (if not all: a girl can dream) of my stalled mini builds.

And since it's Friday, and I've been on leave for almost a week, it seemed like time to take a deep breath and bite the bullet.

The HBS Creatin Contest 2015 build seemed a sensible first choice, if only because I've had a basket of bits of it sitting on the kitchen floor for almost two years (which I've got so used to I don't even see any more),
Stack of various bits of wood and cork and cardboard and a sketch pad piled on a lino floor.
and a half-finished carcass sitting on top of the fridge for just as long (and also 'invisible'...)
Half-built one-twelfth scale room box containing a white wire bed, a transformer and a pile of papers.
 So, bright and early this morning I committed to starting on it.

After I'd finished the chapter of the book I was reading.

Had a shower and washed my hair.

Did some washing and hung it out.

Oh, and met a friend for a coffee and catch up (and a late breakfast for me).
Cafe table holding two cups of coffee and a serving of fruit toast with ricotta, berries, banana and coconut. On the other side of the table is a person talking with a dog and its owner.
 Followed by another coffee and a bit of crafting for good measure.
Flat lay of a glass of iced coffee, swiss-army-knife scissors, thread and a needle and several stuffed one-twelfth scale miniature cushions next to a cat-shaped pencil case.
Finally, around mid-afternoon, I felt I could procrastinate no more and returned home where I dumped everything on the dining table
Wire basket piled with pieces of wood, cork and cardboard sitting on a dining table next to a half-built one-twefth scale miniature shed containing a white wire bed, a transformer and a pile of papers.
before sorting the bits into piles (including one called 'This doesn't even belong in this build so why's it been in the basket for almost two years?'), and started a list of what I think needs to be done first.
A half-built one-twefth scale miniature shed sitting on a dining table surrounded by bits of wood and cork, neatly stacked by type.
Wish me luck!


Sheila said...

I remember you working on this and always wondered what you did with it. This answers my question. Can't wait to see!

elizabeth s said...

My 2015 HBS build is half finished and sitting on a top shelf waiting.....
so seeing as how I am not the only one makes me feel better.
I'll be following this newest project of yours with a keen interest.

AMCSviatko said...

Elizabeth: unfortunately it's one of five abandoned projects I have tucked away in various spots: I just chose it first because it had caused a tripping hazard for the past two years... :-/

(And thanks Sheila!)