Wednesday, May 05, 2021

An evening in the ensuite...

 Between the work I'm doing collecting, inventorying and packing bits for the National Trust Victoria exhibition, the fact that work has settled down to pre-2020 madness so I have some brainspace left at the end of each evening, plus the fact that last weekend was the Sydney miniatures fair (to which I did not go) miniatures has returned to the front of my mind.

Add to that today's theme for the May mini makers challenge on Instagram, which is 'What I did today', and I had the perfect kick in the pants to pull out my half-finished sofa from January and try and make some progress. In my ensuite.

Ironing board set up in an ensuite, with a variety of craft supplies, an iron and a half-finished one twelfth scale modern miniature sofa on top of it.
Yes, some people work on their minis in their kitchen, and various other rooms in the house, but I'm not sure how many work in their bathrooms. I usually do my ironing in here because of the good access to a power point, and it also gets excellent evening light: very useful as the evenings set in.

So the ensuite it is.

FLat lay of a half completed one twelfth scale modern miniature sofa, scissors, ruler and fabric pieces.
Now I just have to remember where I was with it...

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Jodi Hippler said...

This is a wonderful beginning to the sofa! What would be even more fun is making a 1/12th scale scene of the shower stall with the ironing board in front making a 1/144th scene of the shower with an ironing board in front!