Thursday, February 16, 2006

Corners of my Home: Week 2.

This corner on the top of the kitchen dresser sort of evolved by accident. I bought the funky spiral jug on the right from Chapel Street Bazaar on a trip to Melbourne. Then the vase on the far left followed me home from NZ. The square spiral plate arrived after the next trip to NZ, as did the Antipodes bottle. And the photo is a picture I took of some graffiti I found in Venice when I was there in October 2004, blown up very cheaply thanks to Kodak Gallery insanely cheap digital printing prices and framed care of a Target frame sale. The dresser is from Target, too.Here's the opposite corner of my kitchen where my workbench lives. Doesn't everyone have a scroll saw set up in their kitchen?

The lovely coffee cup cup holder on the wall was bought on a trip to Christchurch in the late 80s. The hostess tucked it safely behind the last row of seats but alas we had a turbulent arrival into Wellington airport and my cup holder broke free, bounded down the aisle and nearly impaled someone in the head. Just in case you didn't believe I live a monochromatic life - may I introduce you to my tea towel collection?And the final stop of the tour of corners of my kitchen is the fridge. I bought some culture for my fridge and I'm not talking yoghurt.... The only problem was when I saw the real David he seemed somewhat, well, naked, compared to what I'm used to.

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Anonymous said...

what's the deal with the Lundby house next to bench...are you renovating??? if!