Friday, February 17, 2006

An unexpected visitor

Nibbs and I awoke yesterday morning to an wee surprise in his food dish:

Actually, I lie. It was a whopping huge surprise in his food dish. What is it with Australia and everything being oversized? I'm sure if I checked the beastie would have bitten or stung me (another Australian habit).

Anyway Nibbs (needless to say) did not look impressed at the idea of

a) sharing his breakfast or

b) eating something so big and slimy

so it was out the door and into the garden for our interloper.

(In case you're interested it was a Leopard Slug and if you really want to be put off whatever you're eating right now here's how they mate)


Anonymous said...

EGAD! Saw the photo on the link...that is one BIIIIG slug!

Amanda said...

Oh my. First of all slugs totally gross me out. Secondly, that mating thing is so freakish. And that person keeps talking about how beautiful it all is - whatever. It is just weird.