Sunday, February 26, 2006

Frugalling for friends*

I hadn't planned to go frugalling yesterday but V, who is due to have Little sometime around or after next Wednesday (and doesn't have a car license) asked in a hopeful sounding voice if I happened to be going this weekend.

Well I could hardly say "Well, no apart from popping into a fabric fair I've heard about" now could I?

So off we went - southwards this time. First stop Curtin Vinnie's where V found some clothes for Little half price at $1 each and two Thomas The Tank Engine story books for $1.50 total. She also stumbled across a Sylvia Plath children's book for 50 cents so spent the rest of the morning reading The It-Doesn't Matter Suit to me as I drove.

Onwards and downwards to Chifley and the Fabric Fair where I picked up some yummy upholstery sample books ($5 for both):
(I want to recover my armchairs in this delicious fabric but will console myself by making a cushion or a knitting bag out of the large brown leafy piece)

And some interesting bluey green fabric ($4.20) which I have no idea what I'll do with but I like it anyway. If all else fails I'll just list it on eBay!

And since we just happened to be in Chilfey and it was almost lunchtime we just had to stop at one of my favorite Canberra cafes, A Bite To Eat, for lunch. In keeping with the theme of the day, all the furniture in the cafe is second hand.

After a delicious caramelised onion and chickpea pattie and salad pide with coffee we were much refreshed and ready to face the afternoon's bargain hunting...
Next stop was interstate. I love saying that - makes us sound like such dedicated frugallers but the truth is the
Australian Capital Territory is bang in the middle of New South Wales and so it is a mere 15 minute drive out to Queanbeyan, a country town just across the border which happens to have the only Spotlight craft store in the area and also some rather good op shops.

The Salvos did me proud:

Two large footed bowls ($2 each) which will go with my existing water glasses and wine glasses to put snacks in or would make damn fine trifle or pudding bowls.

If I ever make trifle or pudding, that is. Maybe I could use them as giant wine glasses for very bad days?

A haul for Lisa, my friend in Canada who is glum because she doesn't have a blog and therefore can't be part of the Vintage Vixen Swap ($7 for the lot)

Lisa pointed out the farmer is definately Australian. Check out the corks round his hat and the swag and billy. I'm just amazed by the well behaved sheep.

A black and white scarf ($1). I thought I could artfully tie it round my fake Birkin bag but alas it is too big (the scarf, not the bag)

An utterly funkalicious game which I got for $2 and is full of groovy images. I feel some serious crafting coming on.

The purchase of the day for me was a Nokia phone charger for a whole dollar. Mine died a year or so ago and rather than spend $40 on a new one I was using my British one with an Aussie plug adapter.

Finally Swap mystery number 3:

(Soundtrack: Angel Beach The Third Wave)

* God, that sounds like I was checking out Vinnies to see if I could buy a new buddy cheap!


Shanna said...

oh that's just scrummy!! am I saying scrummy too much! i love that word!! look at ALL the goodies you got!! they're all fabulous! i can't believe everything especially for your friend without a blog! omg! LOVE it!

elizabeth said...

what fabulous goodies you got while thrifting. i am so friggin' jealous!!!!