Monday, February 13, 2006


I HATE it when this happens!

I get a bee in my bonnet about something (oh, let's just use bamboo knitting needles for example, shall we?). I obsess over them. I hunt them down. Usually in some obscure place. And I feel so very very clever. Especially when I work out that my specially imported, super duper cool bamboo knitting needles actually worked out cheaper than going and buying cheap nasty metal ones that look ugly and tear your fingers to pieces.

And then something like this happens:

Lincraft catalogue. Arrived in the mailbox this weekend. Needles are half the price I paid for them.

I consoled myself by paying particular attention to the fact the knobs on mine are lovely and round and oh such a beautiful colour as opposed to the sort of squat and mean looking ones in the picture. And I remind myself I don't have the problem of trying to work out what to do with the extremely ugly knitting needle holder that comes with this cheap nasty vile probably-snap-the-first-time-you-use-them because they were made by mice in Outer Mongolia needles.

Then again they might make a rather good present for the knitters in my life. With the addition of a little paint and a personally crafted holder, of course.

I'm off to spend the evening knitting my jumper. Which I notice Temt has a version of for $24.95. Sigh....

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