Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Don't fence me in...

There has been much happenin' in these here parts over the past couple of days. After months of promising (or was that threatening?) from the landlord, the new fence was installed. This was the view from my back door yesterday morning:

All very rustic - and not necessarily in a good way. Unless you happen to be a cat who likes to go for a walk around the neighbourhood on the odd occasion, departing via one of the many gaps in the back fence.

The other problem is since the trees were chopped back anyone walking down the alley in the morning when I have my back door open can see me standing at the fridge in my PJs.

12 hours later I could almost run naked round my kitchen if I wanted to. In blissful privacy. I'm even happier that the landlord took on my suggestion for colour rather than going with the rather icky green they were leaning towards. My life remains resolutely monochromatic:

My only worry now is how Nibbs is going to cope with the extra fence height and lack of gaps:

And if the rent will be going up to pay for the damned thing (fence, not cat!)

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