Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday - A Red Letter Day!

OK maybe I'm stretching this month's theme a bit far but All of Me is very happy that today was the day that I removed my P plates.* Yay!

I'm celebrating by driving myself, J and M to the pub where I will have a cider. Then drive home. BECAUSE I CAN!

Swap mystery number 5:

(Soundtrack: Ben Watt, Buzzin' Fly 2)

(* In Australia learner drivers have L plates on their cars to warn the rest of the world they are going to do stupid things.

After you pass your test you then switch to P plates to warn the rest of the world you'll occasionally do slightly dumb things. Usually involving stalling.

If you are under 25 you have to show your Ps for 3 years. Because I'm an old fart I can whip those puppies off Miss Daisy after just 6 months. P platers are expected to have a zero blood alcohol limit)

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I really enjoy your page. Thanks. Have a good week.