Friday, February 10, 2006

Reporting a missing week :-(

So very very tired. I have utmost respect for anyone with kids - if I'm feeling like this on a week of 7 hour nights I can only imagine the hell it must be to have 5 years of shortened nights.

And suddenly it's Friday. What's with that?! I demand a replay!

And being the second Friday of the month I got home late because it's Bunch of Fives night. "What on earth is Bunch of Fives?" I hear you ask trying to chase potential gruesome explanations out of you heads. Well if you want an official explanation go here or here. If you want the short answer it's only the best (almost) free entertainment in Canberra. Put on by The Street Theatre on the second Friday of each month it's a series of 5 x 5 minute skits on a common theme with music in between. Tonight's theme was Sedition (a timely theme here in Australia) which was a challenging one.

Since it's summer Bunch of Fives was held out in the courtyard and flowed on into the Multicultural Fringe Festival. But we had to go home as we were hungry. The only vegetarian food they ordered didn't arrive and there are only so many packets of cheese and onion chips a hungry table of people can devour before they head off to greener pastures.

And besides, I have to go pick B up from the bus tonight. And before I do that I have to whip the house into some semblence of the sort of place a civilised human being might live in (as opposed to a mini tornado)

So here's one I prepared earlier (as they say). I've got quite pulled into the idea of making cards this year and these are a set I put together earlier this week (yes, when I was supposed to be in bed) based on the theme of Venice. Mainly because I found an article in an ancient UK marie claire with some excellent pictures:

My favourite is the daisy one (oddly enough) with the cutouts highlighting Venetian highlights. Now I just have to write to someone. Or give the cards to someone as a gift...

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