Thursday, January 13, 2011

Books in the bath

Our first play date of 2011. And we felt like naughty girls indeed as we threw a selection of books INTO THE BATH!Why? Because my friend sent me this link and wondered how it was done. The artist's statement mentioned bath soaking (but not much more) so we had to have a play.

We were flying a bit blind but experimented with curly pagescrumpled pages and cut pages
Then I got carried away with the cutting(My inner Librarian was horrified at this point)I made a door and some windows.
And, finally, some flowers with the scraps...They dried quickly.

The books are safely tucked into my friend's garage drying out. She'll send updates of their status to me over the next few days.


Olivia said...

Fun! And a fine use for a Dan Brown book. (well, someone had to say it!)

Ann said...

Very cool project!