Sunday, January 16, 2011

High five!

A trip to Trash and Treasure didn't net much (brand new pinhole camera, still in shrinkwrap for $5 and this cute cardboard domino set for $1: bought from a woman who was sewing a zombie stuffie) but the decision to pop past Kmart on the way home to peruse their calculator selection (my old one died) did. Black and white stripy T shirts! On sale! For $5 each!

I bought all five they had in stock to replace my very old, very tired and very past it motley collection (which really should have been turned into rags years ago)

Now the question is: do I do the hike to the Tuggeranong store to empty out their stock for my top cupboard?

1 comment :

Taphophile said...

Go Tuggeranong. Vinnies is open til 3.