Thursday, January 06, 2011

C is for*...

This morning J and I had arranged for me to assist with taking her cats to the vet for their annual visit. And then "assist" her with taking some excess belongings to Lifeline and the op shop.

Which was a rather exciting prospect as I've not been op shopping (in Australia, at least) for months. The Frugalling Fairy obviously agreed.

After we dropped of several bags full of stuff to Y's Buys in Belconnen I did my usual circuit of the shop. And Frugaller's Rule Number One ("Always look inside things") did me good in the toy department when I pounced on this: (I've only been lusting after an alphabet stamp set for forever, and a vintage almost unused one with a fake wood veneer box for $1 makes it well worth the wait!)
Someone had been having a play alreadywhich made me laugh as I'd seen rather a lot of cats this morning: Mr Nibbs (of course), Daisy and George (who went to the vet with us), Snowball from ACT Cat Alliance, not Otis (whose name we didn't learn but was in an Ansett cat carrier marked "Otis") and Smokey, the vet's cat. Oddly enough, all black and white or black (except Smokey)

So there was only one thing to do: make today's inchie using the stamp that came in the box
(Seems I'm not the only one who forgets about inverting images when printing...)

(*Cat and coincidence?)


Di said...

What a fabulous find. I love the inchie too. That each one has a story behind it of some sort makes them all the more wonderful! Can't wait for the exhibition

Ampersand Duck said...

C is for CHOICE! What a find!
I love the stamp... my aged poet always jokes about cutting her first lino block to make the cover of her first poetry book as a teenager. To this day she jokingly calls the book SMEOP.

Have fun with it! I can't live without mine.

AMCSviatko said...

And are you planning an updated Smeop volume?

Als, upon sorting out the contents of the box, it would seem I can print anything as long as it doesn't contain a D, d or p


Ampersand Duck said...

Well, see it as a challenge.