Friday, January 14, 2011

What's on my camera?

It's been a busy day. I started rearranging the drawers under my desk, which means I now have a couple of empty drawers and a number of piles of stuff all over the floor. And one plastic skeleton leg. No idea where the rest of it is.(Probably in the same place as my stringy bark dyed fabric from 2009... )

A sneaky ghosty street art photo snapped at a red light in Braddon on my way into town this morning:
An appallingly bad Photoshop disaster spotted in a magazine I was perusing while waiting for my lunch:Working on the calendars I'm making for Christmas presents. 2010 Christmas. (Oops)This afternoon the ceremonial sending off of the sketchbooks for the Sketchbook Project started with coffee and a final peruse,some frenzied last minute sketching when an empty page was discovered:
And then they were gone...

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