Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good mail. terrible traffic

An early start and the need to pick up a couple of parcels from the post office at lunch time (across town from where I'm working at the moment) meant I got to try driving to work.

The trip there was quite good: 20 minutes (instead of 50 on the bus), as was the trip to and from the post office at lunchtime.

Tonight was a completely different kettle of fish. At first I thought it was just the normal peak hour traffic causing back ups. Then (after taking half an hour to do a trip that was 5 minutes long earlier in the day) I realised that the whole city was cordoned off to traffic from the other side of the lake*.

Phew. Tomorrow's commute home (another early start: my flex is looking very healthy for someone who's been in the job for 2 weeks) should be much shorter. Fingers crossed.

(*Twitter tells me a truck fell on a car.)

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