Sunday, June 14, 2009

Apparently I have a new name

"The Photoshopping Sherpa".

Or so I was told this morning by my tutor from last night.

Here's what I've done on Photoshop so far this weekend:
Silly self portrait version two, still unfinished. I had to start it from scratch as I'd forgotten to transfer the file I was working on back into my Mickeystick before I left CIT on Wednesday...

My version of Postcard Brief 2: the painted postcard (with an illegal imported image. Sucks ya boo I don't care cause I like it!)

Front:and (still very rough) back:
(Although I do like the simplified version as well):And finally, speaking of backs, here's the back of this postcard from Thursday:I figured it can be used as "marketing" but, because the type on the back is light grey, you could also write over the top of it, address it, stamp it and actually send it to someone if you wanted to...

In between creating all this I've also been madly sanding and painting hunks of plaster and wondering if I smashed the @^&%^! things could I still box the bits up and come up with enough feasible sounding art-wank to pass?

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