Thursday, June 04, 2009

Water we going to do about dinner?

Another mad crazy day in a mad crazy week. Life continues as normal chez TSS...

Cook from the Cupboard

Breakfast: Eggs Florentine (without the Hollandaise). Cup of tea
Lunch: Stir fried zucchini and mushrooms on rice
Afternoon Tea: Biscuit and coffee at my boss's house
Dinner: Nibbles at Portrait Gallery Vanity Fair exhibition opening.

Where I was given these:
Arty water! With white lids! And removable labels! I'm a happy girl indeed...

Today's purchases:

2 magazines (on hold at Newsagents): $19.90
1 box of Roses chocolates (for class project): $5.46

Total spent today: $25.36

Total for June: $218.74

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