Sunday, June 07, 2009

Cook from the Cupboard: Saturday update

Another boring day blog-wise.

I spent the day working at my (not quite so lowly paid because I got Saturday rates) casual job at a library across town. Enjoyed it immensely. Managed to only bring home two DVDs that caught my eye to add to the teetering pile of things I need to read or watch before they're due back.

Parking was free. Morning and afternoon tea were courtesy of the stash of goodies on the staff room table. By the end of the day I was buggered (a six day working week will do that to you, especially when it ends with a fairly physically intense job) so was in my PJs and in bed with a pile of reading before dinner.

Breakfast: Cup of tea. Crumpets and jam, yoghurt.
Morning tea: Biscuit from the staff stash at work
Lunch: Cheese and chow chow sandwich
Afternoon Tea: Biscuit from the stash at work

Dinner: Tuna, spinach and Dolmio on shell pasta with grated parmesan.

Today's purchases: 0

Total spent today: $0

Total for June: $218.74

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