Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday: The Wrong Library, Cheese and Flick Knits

I had it all planned after the embarrassment of Friday's forgetfulness. Arrived at work bright and cheery (at 8:15am. On a Saturday) with plans to nip home for a round of freezer roulette at lunchtime. Only to be told I was at the wrong library (luckily it turned out to be not my fault.) So there was a race home and into Miss Daisy to get to Library number two before it opened. And in the rush I forgot to take the extra minute to throw soup and bread into a bag to take with me.

So yesterday was another bought lunch, eaten in the calm of the CMAG Members' Lounge and washed down with free tea and a biscuit for afters.

The other purchase of the day was a bottle of wine to take to pre-movie dinner at J&M's. As I didn't think a cleanskin was quite appropriate...

We went to see The Reader. The Flick Knit report is a good one:

* Handknitted item being worn: One nice jumper that I noticed in the movie (plus, in the ANUFG audience, one big teal jumper two rows ahead of me and a pink lacy sleeveless vest in the row behind me)
* Actual knitting being done: One of the defendants in the trial scene was knitting a sock. I believe this is the first time I've seen dpns used in a movie
* Extra bonus points: There was a scene in a library. And a Librarian

By the time I arrived home it was too late to blog, so the Perfect Italiano Cheese prizepack draw is a little later than planned.

There were only two entries! How could that be? Do none of the rest of you like cheese? Or dinner parties?!

Both entries were excellent for different reasons and so there will be two winners: Taph and Michelle. Well done!

Cook from the Cupboard

Saturday's menu:

Breakfast: Crumpets and peanut butter. Cup of tea
Lunch: Toasted vege and cheese panini. Cup of tea and biscuit at CMAG Members' Lounge
Dinner: (At J&M's) Indian snacks. Rice, dahl, vegetable curry, raita, and chutney. Wine
Pre movie dessert: Hot chocolate. Chocolate

Saturday's purchases:

Lunch: $6.95
Wine to take to dinner: $11.05

Total for Saturday: $18.00

Total for June: $949.12

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ann said...

i just discovered your blog & i love the format of it - especially the menu & purchases. v. smart.