Sunday, June 14, 2009

A day in my life: June 2009

6am: My bladder lures me from bed and across the hall to the toilet. The cold and dark lure me back into the puffy mountain of feathery and woolly (and catty) warmth where I doze for another half hour or so.

6:30am (ish): Snuggling in the toasty warmth and sort out my day in my head: What do I need to do? What's the coming week looking like? How will I lay out the back of my postcards for class? What approach should I take for Wednesday night's assessment presentations? What needs to be used up food wise before it goes off?

7:00am: Get up. Turn on computer and go downstairs where I realise there's not enough milk for tea. While I'm there I put food out for Nibbs (who, it turns out, doesn't emerge from the bed for another three hours), put away yesterday's clean dishes and wander out to the mail box to collect the junk mail.

7:15am: Back upstairs, I put a CD on, check my email, read the junk mail and pull out the pages that I might be interested it. Then I write down my To Do list for the day.

7:30am: Shower. Dress. Read some blogs.

8:00am: I can't cope anymore. I need tea. So I head off to buy the week's groceries.

8:30am: Back home, I put away the groceries while the kettle boils. Make breakfast while I put a load of washing on. Eat breakfast.

9:00am: Change the bed. Do the dishes. Hang the washing out and throw another load on.

9:30am: Fire up the Mac and start working on some Photoshop designs

9:45 am: Hang out the next load of washing. Put load #3 on. Head back to the Mac. Eat sweets.

12 noon: Cook up a large pot of soup. Hang the washing out. Eat lunch while reading US Elle (one of the last print editions I'll be getting as I've just gone digital. Fingers crossed...)

1:00pm: Decide the temperature and weather is finally OK to paint the hunks of plaster we did in class ages ago (which need to be finished by Wednesday). Cut them out of the balloons they were in, sand them down and spray paint them (after super gluing one of them back together after it fell apart)

1:30pm: The Mac doesn't want to write to my Mickeystick. I'm out of CDs to write to and perilously low on ink. Time for a trip into Officeworks. I buy boring claimable business stuff but make the fatal mistake of "just" wandering down the sexy stationery aisle. Where I buy an $8.39 pencil case I don't need and certainly shouldn't be buying. I do, however, leave behind the very expensive matching A5 notebook and sticky note set after a final wistful caress and a promise to possibly come back when they go on sale...

2:00pm: Spray the second coat of paint on the plaster and head back to Photoshop to work on the back of the second postcard. Burn the Photoshop files to disc to take to CIT tomorrow night and create jpg files to blog.

3:00pm: Write the first blogpost for today before heading downstairs to the now cool pot of soup to split it into 4 containers for the freezer. Spend a couple of minutes admiring the lovely selection of lunch options that are now in there. Then spray that damned plaster again.

3:40pm: Drive to Lyneham and spend 10 minutes window shopping in Booklore.

4:00pm: Meet Cycling S for tea (her) and Antipodes water (me: I take the bottle home. Of course)

4:45pm: We're both shattered so decide to head home. I'm just in time to get the washing in before it gets dark.

5:00pm: Pull out the drying rack and set it up in the lounge. Hang up the washing that's not quite dry. Soak the sheet that got shat on by a bird. (Luckily it's not in a noticeable spot so I can still use the sheet even if the stain doesn't come out). Feed the cat.

5:30pm: Type up my notes from today for tonight's post. Wonder about the lack of pictures for my readers who just look at them and don't read the text. Rectify the situation:6:00pm: Dinner tonight includes some Falafel which has been kicking round in the cupboard for about a year as I also have the last of my latest batch of hummus to use up today. The falafel mix needs to sit for 20 minutes after the water is added so I pop downstairs to set it up. Return to this blog post to add musical links.

6:15 pm: Phone call from a friend.

6:30pm: Make dinner. Eat dinner. Read another couple of pages of US Elle

7:00pm: Put away washing. Reassess today's To Do list.

7:15 pm: Retire to the couch (with the cat) and read one of my Library books which I'm embarrassed to say I've had out since Christmas. With the speedy approach of this year's Sydney Design, I'm feeling the pressure to finally finish this book and return it to the library...

8:45 pm: Fill the hottie. Final trip to the loo before retiring to bed.

Cook from the cupboard

Today's menu:

Breakfast: Cup of tea. Toasted crumpets with banana and honey
Morning tea: Sweets
Lunch: Frshly made vegetable pasta soup
Afternoon tea: Sweets. Bottle of Antipodes water
Dinner: Falafel with hummus, salad, tomato and grated cheese on tortillas (shhh... we're pretending they're pita breads!)

Today's purchases:

2 kilos plain flour: $1.85
1 litre milk: $2.55
2 kg potatoes: $2.50
500g cheese: $4.79
454g bag Frozen stir fry veges: $3.77
4 serving pack udon noodles: $2.99
145g jar Galiko basil pesto: $2.98 (my treat for the week)
6 pack eggs: $2.99
3 apples: $2.45
129g mushrooms: $1.22
2 Truss tomatoes: 97 cents
1 red capsicum: $1.41
175g bag salad mix: $2.98
2 kiwifruit: 89 cents
1 pencil case: $8.39

Total for today: $42.73

Total for June: $413.67

(Soundtrack for the day:

OMD: Pandora's Box
Pet Shop Boys: Please
Pet Shop Boys: Alternative
Phoenix Foundation: Happy Ending
Portishead: Third
Propaganda: 1234
Quench: Conse-quench-ial
Radio Groove, Volume Three
The Rasmus: Dead Letters

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