Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Feeling all furry headed and topsy turvy

Photoshopping again tonight at class. I'm soooo far behind and brain dead* and am starting to suspect it's actually a drawback that I've been bumbling round Photoshop Elements for so long. Or maybe I'm trying to do too much too soon.

Anyhow, here's where my silly self portrait from last week got to before we were kicked out at the end of class:There's s
till heaps to do and I haven't even started on tonight's (much more important) brief. At least I got my printmaking portfolio in for assessment**. And I have my Lifeline coming over on Saturday to give me (as she puts it) a "Let's Learn Adobe Suite course".

Cook from the cupboard

Today's menu:

Breakfast: Muesli, milk and banana. Cup of tea
Morning tea: Cup of tea. Fudge
Lunch: Nachos.
Afternoon tea: Yet another cup of tea. Apricot danish
Dinner: Crackers and hummus and lollies at class (I would have had an apple but I locked myself out and my knife is on my keyring). Still another cup of tea and chocolate at J's when I popped in to pick up my spare keys.

Today's purchases:

10 cans cat food (on special at 25% off): $9.90
2 packets crumpets (also on special at 25% off): $3.80
Parking at CIT: 5 cents (!)

Total for today: $13.75

Total for June: $276.96

(* See above statement about locking myself out)
(** It still gives me a little thrill to say "My portfolio". Just as well, there's another round of assessment due on the 17th...)

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