Sunday, June 21, 2009

In which I have a day off which is so exciting my brain just about explodes.

It all started innocently enough. A day off! I could sleep in! So I did. I got up. I did some washing so I have something to wear for my next 6 day working week. I got the groceries. I made some soup for lunch.

And then the day took off like a train with the throttle stuck full on. I'd arranged to meet my Photoshop Tutor at National Portrait Gallery to watch the Annie Leibowitz documentary they were screening. Then we headed next door to the NGA Members' Lounge for coffee as The Portrait Gallery was tad too busy for our liking. I felt very proud that we'd done a parade through the Portrait Gallery shop and I'd not bought a thing.

At the Members' Lounge we were invaded by knitters. Drinking champagne!(Blurry surreptitious photo taken from afar...)

I would have wandered over and found out who they were and how I too could drink what looked like free champagne while knitting but alas I was late for my next appointment.

With 25 dolls houses. Owned by the person who sold me my very first Lundby house. I had a private tour. I'd share photos but I didn't take any. Not one. Mainly because I was asked not to share any photos I did take and I knew the temptation would be too great.

I came away with goodies. Details of which I'll share tomorrow when the light is decent. Put it this way: this is the second time that Wendy has fulfilled my childhood dreams...

Cook from the Cupboard

Sunday's menu:

Breakfast: Cup of tea
Morning tea: Sparkling ginger cordial

Lunch: Cream of lentil soup
Afternoon tea: Coffee at National Gallery and a piece of slice at my afternoon visit
Dinner: No idea yet but almost definitely something from the freezer.

Sunday's purchases:

1.5 litres sparkling mineral water: 89 cents
1 litre milk: $1.54
500g plain yoghurt: $2.98
4 apples: $2.72
3 bananas: $2.14
219g mushrooms: $2.08
1 large zucchini: $1.07
2 tomatoes: $1.12
2 packets crumpets (on special again): $3.80

Childhood dream fulfillment: $60.00

Total for Sunday: $78.34

Total for June: $629.26

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Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness, you've seen Wendy Benson's collection! I am so jealous, especially as she doesn't seem to have photos on any website. The four in the dolls house exhibition were marvellous - multiply that by 6! Heaven. And goodies! I can't wait to see them.