Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The midweek "my brain hurts" edition

I feel like I've been stuffing so much new information into my head over the past couple of weeks:

A new contract = training

Noumea trip = trying to understand (and be understood in) French. Getting round a new city and learning about the culture and history of it.
Class (we started Photoshop on Monday so my head was filled with things I'd never learnt in all the time I've been using Elements. Magnetic lasso tools! Layers! What handy things they are! Perhaps I can finally stop using Word for a lot of my image work?)

And yesterday=first day at Craft ACT. I was introduced to Windows Vista (which looks suspiciously Mac-like), MYOB Retail Manager, and the joys of DIG radio. I also got to rearrange all the lovely goodies in the shop which was fun but still hurt my brain trying to work out how the pieces would display best.

Tonight is class. Again. I suspect my brain may rebel when I try to stuff still more new information into it...

Cook from the Cupboard

Breakfast: Porridge with craisins, wheatgerm, brown sugar and milk. Cup of tea

Morning tea: Freshly baked bread and honey

Lunch: A big bowl of lentil, spinach and coriander soup served with toast

Afternoon tea: Passionfruit yoghurt. Tea

Dinner: (will be) Cheese, Chow Chow and spinach sandwich. Apple.

Today's purchases:

4 boxes Whiskettes: $14.00 (I was out of them. They were on special so I stocked up as usual. The discount basically meant 1 box was free. Gotta love free cat food!)
1 bunch coriander: $2.45 (for today's soup and also for a kidney bean chili I plan to make on the weekend)

Total spent today: $16.45

Total for June: $193.38

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