Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fatty-fat-guts Friday

It's on days like this that I wish I wasn't broadcasting my eating habits to the world. Or could, at least, cheat by telling baldfaced lies. But I can't and I won't so here we go:

Cook from the Cupboard (aka How my eating goes out the window when I'm dead tired)

Friday's menu:

Breakfast: Crumpets and marmalade. Cup of tea
Morning tea: Zucchini and Parmesan muffin
Lunch: Pita bread with falafel, hummus and tabouli. Grain Waves

(Looking OK so far, right? Then, as the afternoon progressed, my eyelids got heavier and my brain got slower and the apple I'd brought for afternoon tea looked like the last thing on earth I wanted to eat. So I went to the cafe)

Afternoon tea: Coke and chips

(Followed an hour and a half later with free chocolate from work. That's all the junk food food groups covered then...)

After work I went home and slid into bed for a nap. Woke up just in time to put my clothes back on (and realise the zip on my favorite boots had busted) and head out to the final night of Construct at The Playhouse:

Dinner: I forgot to eat but had a glass of champagne at the theatre...

Friday's purchases:

Junk food for afternoon tea: $4.80
Parking: $1.60
Glass of champagne: $6.00

Total for Friday: $12.40

Total for June: $496.52

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Rebecca said...

A balanced diet does include all the food groups!
I saw Construct in Sydney last year - amazing.