Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cook from the cupboard just got a lot easier

With the arrival of a huge and wonderful combined Christmas and birthday package from Cuzzy C in New Zealand containing enough junk food to keep me (and many friends who visit) supplied for quite some time and with enough other goodies to make me feel completely overwhelmed and very very spoilt (isn't it the 43 year old aunt that's supposed to be sending the 20 year old student cousin care parcels, not the other way round?)

One of the bits I loved best was part of a scrapbook she'd put together which I've copied so I can tuck it into my Filofax to read on those days where I feel blah:Now I just need to do is stop lusting after the super dooper expensive version with book of the excellent NZ music compilation she included. I think I need to visit the site with my print screen finger poised, don't you?

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Cola Cerbz said...

Oh it's a relief you got it :) enjoy it