Thursday, June 25, 2009

I knew I'd like it the moment I spotted the name...

"Black Square", the cover of the catalogue said. "Visual Arts and Design Practice Students 2009" I'd heard about tonight's opening at CIT Designspace (woefully underrepresented online) via Jas at Craft ACT and decided it was a must-see exhibition.

I'm very glad I went as it was wonderful seeing the work of people ahead of me on this road I'm taking. This time though (unlike the graphic design students' exhibition opening I went to there a few weeks ago) I didn't feel like slashing my wrists on the spot when I saw the work. Instead, I looked at it and thought it was fabulous and maybe, just maybe, given a pile more tuition I, too could achieve similar things.

It helped that a lot of friendly faces I knew were there and were happy to chat to me. It almost makes me feel like returning to creating even though it's the holidays. Watch out Knitta Please!

Cook from the Cupboard

Today's menu:

Breakfast: Cup of tea. Muesli and yoghurt (at work)
Morning tea: Sweets
Lunch: Vege pasta soup. Cheese toasted sandwich. Almonds
Afternoon tea: Zucchini Parmesan muffin. Banana
Dinner: Snacks at Designspace opening

Today's purchases:

Petrol: $20.01 (This commute is killing me!)

Total for Today: $20.01

Total for June: $914.76

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