Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sunday stock up

I was about to say "It's been a lovely lazy day" but then I stopped and thought you wouldn't believe me. Especially when I continue on to talk about the grocery shopping, house cleaning, washing and cooking that's been going on round here!

But since I find cooking relaxing and I did spend a large amount of time horizontal on the sofa with a pile of books stacked on the coffee table, in my mind it was a lazy day. Just what I needed after this past week.

I was trying to hold off on the grocery shop until tomorrow but then I ran out of toilet paper:

1 litre organic milk: $2.55
450g bag of frozen corn: $2.39
1 kg bag of carrots: $1.98
3 apples: $1.82
4 onions: $2.05
Half a bunch of celery: $1.44
1 head of brocolli: 61 cents
150g bag of natural almonds: $3.69
25g ground cumin: $1.67
126g smoked salmon: $4.59 (my treat for the week)
6 pack eggs: $3.96
6 pack toilet paper: $3.38
160g bag of baby spinach: $2.98
199g mushrooms: $1.89
250g pack of roma tomatoes: $2.77
1 red capsicum: $1.09
1 green capsicum: 77 cents
1 lemon: $.57
2 bananas: $1.55

Total: $41.75

Today's menu:

Breakfast: Cup of tea. Toasted crumpets with smoked salmon and egg
Lunch: Homemade cream of pumpkin soup and toast
Afternoon tea: Parmesan zucchini muffin. Cup of tea
Dinner: Mexican chilli corn pie. Yoghurt

Total for today: $41.75

Total for June: $260.49

And the best bit is that I have extras of lunch, afternoon tea and dinner stored in the freezer for future use...

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