Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cook from the cupboard: Saturday

(A day in which my brain got so mixed up it actually convinced me I needed to be at work half an hour before I actually did and managed to borrow a book even though it was told in no uncertain terms NO BORROWING OR PUTTING MY NAME ON THE WAITING LIST FOR ANYTHING AS I HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH TO READ ALREADY!)

Cook from the Cupboard

Saturday's menu:

Breakfast: Cheese on toast. Cup of tea
Lunch: Fritatta with mushroom, broccoli and red pepper
Afternoon tea: Chocolate
Dinner: Fettuccine with roasted pumpkin, feta cheese and walnuts. Wine

Saturday's purchases:

10 litres of wine (on special): $22.00
3 Magazines: $32.40
(Sounds like the perfect set up for Saturday night, doesn't it?)

Total for Saturday: $54.40

Total for June: $550.92

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