Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Goodbye Grumpy Tuesday

It'll be nice to see the back end of you. But, as I reminded myself, you have to have off days occasionally to appreciate the good days.

Not that today was all bad. No day that begins with bread baking can be considered bad, can it?

And when I popped into the watch place this morning to replace my dead watch battery, they were having a one day only half price watch battery sale. Perfect timing.

At Craft ACT I stuffed envelopes, a skill I picked up in my very first holiday job when I was 15 and am still finding very handy indeed...
(Al did his best to give us a hand)
Still feeling grumpy at lunchtime, I realised I could now buy my Quantum Leap ticket since I knew I probably wouldn't be heading to Sydney as usual the first weekend of August.

And treated myself to sushi to see if that would help cheer me up. It did.

Then I went shopping since I was in town anyway. Retail therapy is always a good cure for the blahs and I had sensible things on my list (which I knew were on sale) so I could get the shopping rush without any post shopping guilt. Perfect!

Sweets shared with the rest of the Craft ACT crew brought my general mood back to Pollyannaish.

And since I'd spent quite a large amount of money already, I picked up bulk bus tickets on the way home to beat the July 1st price rise.

Cook from the Cupboard

Today's menu:

Breakfast: Muesli with yoghurt and banana. Cup of tea
Morning tea: Cup of tea.
Lunch: Sushi
Afternoon tea: Chocolate licorice bullets
Dinner: Doorstop cheese and tomato relish sandwich

Today's purchases:

Watch battery: $5.25
Quantum Leap ticket: $20.00
5 pairs wool socks: $38.30 (30% off at DJs. My current wool socks are so old they look at my feet and sprout enormous holes)
4 pairs opaque pantihose: $44.64 (30% off again. It's quite a novel feeling stocking up in the mid year sales as I've not been able to do it for the last couple of years)
2 pairs knickers: $20.92 (also 30% off. I would have bought more but that's all they had in my size...)
Sushi lunch: $16.00
Sweets to share with work: $2.30
5 Ten trip bus tickets: $110.00

Total for Today: $257.41

Total for June: $886.67

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