Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cook from the cupboard: not the most balanced couple of days...

Tuesday's menu:

Breakfast: Porridge with sultanas, wheatgerm, brown sugar and milk. Cup of tea
Morning tea: Chocolate
Lunch: Spinach lentil and coriander soup with tortillas. Cup of tea and biscuits (from the CMAG Members' Lounge next door)
Afternoon tea: Zucchini and parmesan muffin. Another cup of tea
Dinner: Grain Waves. In bed. (Tut tut)

Tuesday's purchases: 0

Total for Tuesday: $0

Wednesday's menu:

Breakfast: Toasted crumpets and jam. Yoghurt. Cup of tea
Morning tea: Cheese and crackers. Apple
Lunch: Sweet chili tuna, peas and corn on rice. Chocolate
Afternoon tea: Zucchini and parmesan muffin
At Class snack: Kiwifruit. Almonds. Half a glass of champagne, crackers and dip (courtesy of a class mate)
(Late) dinner: Hunk of cheese

Wednesday's purchases: 0

Total for Wednesday: $0

Total for June: $456.12

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