Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ahhh pizza - I've missed you so...

I remember a few years ago my friend Marilyn was visiting from New Zealand and asked "so, have you settled in and found your favorite pizza and takeaway places?" and thought it was quite odd that I didn't have a favourite pizza place like I had back there.

Firstly I think it's because pizza places in Canberra are pretty staid and boring compared to what I was used to in Wellington (can someone open a Hell Pizza franchise in Canberra please?) and secondly by the time you order the damned thing, wander off to pick it up (or if you're feeling very very rich, wait around while it comes to you) you could have made it, eaten it, done the dishes and be onto your second glass of wine.

So I make my own:

My standard "I can't be shagged making dinner*" storecupboard pizza

1 ready made small pizza base (I keep a pack of these in the freezer)
2 Tablespoons tomato salsa
A handful of baby spinach
50g smoked salmon
Quarter of a red capsicum, sliced lengthwise
Wedge of Blue Castello cheese

Turn oven on to 220 c to heat while you put the pizza together.

Spread the tomato salsa over the pizza base. Arrange the destalked spinach over the top then add the smoked salmon and the red capsicum slices (I tend to build a wall with it so the cheese doesn't all met off the edges but you might find that all a little too anal) and finally the cheese, cut into pieces.

Chuck (sorry, place gently) in the oven and wander off to do something else for 15-20 minutes.

Serve with salad.

(*or lunch, in this case)

(Soundtrack: Nordic Lounge Volume 1)


Shanna said...

[snort]"I can't be shagged making dinner*" giggle

AMCSviatko said...

*Must remember to add links to definitions of English and Australian slang in blog posts in case people get the wrong idea*

Link added! :-P