Saturday, March 25, 2006

And then the sun came out...

Here's my Saturday in pictures:
10 am: At the hairdressers.
11 am: Coffee and catching up with Rosemary and Chris Ann who I bumped into at the mini show. Rosemary is showing us a pincushion idea.

11:30 am: What I saw at the show :

Cute 1/10th scale German table and chairs.

Modern Canberra apartment lounge.

Cool miniature jumper. Beautiful hand embroidered cushions for sale on the AMEA stall.

12 noon: What I bought at the show (how restrained!). A turned bowl from Brindabella Miniatures, local Canberra artisans.

1:30 pm: Gosh what's that over there?

(Yes, I succumbed. But it was for a worthy cause, right?)

(Soundtrack: Macy Gray, The Id)

1 comment :

AMCSviatko said...

Trying to divert your attention from the pile of books.... You know like when you're stealling chips from someone's plate and look in a totally different direction and go "OH MY GOD!" and when they turn to see what you're meaning you can nick chips :-)