Thursday, March 23, 2006

Corners of my Home: Week 7

Next to my bed I have a towering pile of books waiting to be read. See that Bauhaus one 4th from the bottom? It's been sitting there since December 2003. I read some of it over the 2003 Christmas break then read some more over the 2004 Christmas break and it might surprise you to discover I attacked it again during the 2005 Christmas break. I know I could read it at other times but it's sort of become a Christmas tradition now...

On the top of the pile are a couple of books on Frank Lloyd Wright and his architecture - I think they've been in the pile almost as long. Obviously Frank Lloyd Wright isn't that exciting to me but I really should get through them before I get to Chicago.

And really truly on top of the pile is a silver coloured piggy bank B & her sister gave me as a bit of a joke after I put a large $75 version on layby in Kingston after seeing something similar in a Real Simple magazine.

It stayed on layby for all of 24 hours - long enough for me to discover the very same pig at 1/3 of the price at Unit Concepts and decide I really didn't need it at all. Then they found the small version at Freedom and I had a pig after all. For a lot less than $75 at that.

My favorite thing in this photo is my wonderful IKEA Slabang alarm clock which records anything you like (as long as it's not longer than 8 seconds!) and plays it instead of an alarm. I just had to use Matt Bianco's intro to Get out your lazy bed which means I wake up each morning laughing.

(Soundtrack: Fatboy Slim, You've come a long way baby)


Anastasia said...

That looks like my pile of reading material!! its just keeps stacking up!!
Have fun in Chicago - its a great city!

Anonymous said...

i do like your alarm clock, where did you get it from? Princess

AMCSviatko said...

Odd you should ask. It was a regal birthday gift from the land of IKEA.