Saturday, March 04, 2006

She's finally scone mad!

Here's the hot thing to do on a Friday night in Canberra:Hours of fun and entertainment!
And the end results were quite delicious even though the 1972 edition
Edmonds' Cookbook recipe I used (requiring breakfast cups and desertspoons as measures) seemed to think "milk to mix" was a perfectly adequate direction. I was reading a blog recently which was saying how vintage patterns assumed a lot of knowledge that modern ones don't and therefore spell out in several steps. And I suspect cookbooks may have been the same.

(Why scones, you ask? They're a good test of any unfamiliar oven so you can see how the temperature is and if there are hotspots. And they're cheap to throw out if the oven is new and a bit smelly during the cooking. Not that I did...)

(soundtrack: Lloyd Cole, The Negatives)


Shanna said...

yeah you're new oven!! i bet you were so excited!! the scones look scrummy! i love that word! you can make those cupcakes too!

elizabeth said...

those look yummy! wish i could come over :)

Anonymous said...

Recipe, please?
LB in Can-ah-Dah!