Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Was that a twinge of excitement I felt?!

I got this odd fluttery feeling in my tummy last night as I chose and booked our hotel for the last night in Chicago.
It stayed as I emailed Nancy to discuss the odds of us getting the cruise we want to do at the discounted price we want to pay. Still there as I updated my itinerary and emailed
Architectural Tours in LA to see if they had space for me to do a tour of places like The Eames House and the other Case Study Houses, Saved the link Sew Thrifty had published for The Thorne Rooms, And pondered what goodies I would find at Target.

(Then again maybe it was the beans I had for dinner...)

(Soundtrack: Erasure, Other People's Songs)

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Anonymous said...

thank you for finding what looks to be a very nice place for me lay my head! Princess of Libraria