Friday, March 17, 2006

The bird has landed!

Since I know Pink Rocket does Air Force speak I thought that would be a good code to let her know her pacakage arrived this morning. One of the dishes she sent in my original swap turned up broken so she decided to send me this as a replacement. What a sweetie! (Both the bird and Pink Rocket)

And he was wrapped in so many layers of bubble wrap and tissue paper I felt like I should invite my friends over for a game of Pass the Parcel.

But instead we headed off to check out the Majura Festival vintage night market (where I was tempted but held firm with the repeated use of the mantra "Nyork nyork nyork" which seemed to work quite well) followed by wine and free nibbles at Trinity. Not bad for $5:It's Canberra Day weekend this weekend and I'd planned a lovely relaxed catch-up-with-stuff sort of weekend. Then I blinked and suddenly my weekend is a seething mass of activity. Sigh...

(Soundtrack: Sola Rosa, Entrance to Skyway)


Kristin said...

I am prepared to swap Bitter With Baggage for three Aero mint bars. You can email me at

Shanna said...

yeah! it got there!! whoo hoo!! and it's not broken! even better!